Breaking news-Supreme Court rules tribunal fees are unlawful

The Supreme Court has today in a landmark decision unanimously ruled that the Government’s employment tribunal fees are unlawful and preventing access to justice. The appeal to the Supreme Court was made by Unison, the UK’s largest trade union after they  argued that the tribunal fees discriminated against workers. The fees, which were introduced in […]

Philip Landau on Talk Radio about new workers’ rights.

Philip Landau was on Talk Radio this morning, talking to Julia Hartley- Brewer about the report commissioned by the Government and being published tomorrow by Matthew Taylor about workers’ right. The Report is focusing in particular, on whether some self-employed people should be granted basic employment law rights such as holiday pay, the National Minimum […]

Philip Landau interviewed on LBC about Jeremy Corbyn

Philip Landau was guest speaker on Ian Collin’s show on LBC News Radio, giving his expert opinion on the idea from Jeremy Corbyn to have “blind named CV’s”. This means that candidates would not have to put their names on CV’s or applications for job interviews, in order to avoid discrimination. Please click here to […]

Philip Landau is guest speaker on Talk Radio

Philip Landau appeared as a guest speaker today on Julia Hartley- Brewer’s Talk Radio programme today, relating to the rights of workers under zero contract hours. This follows a recent report that zero contract hours workers are missing out on paid holidays. Please click here to read the full story.