Philip Landau on LBC News Radio, talking to Tom Swarbrick

Philip Landau was talking to Tom Swarbrick on LBC News Radio this evening. This was in relation to John MacDonald, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, making a policy announcement that the Labour Party want to give workers in the so called “gig economy”, similar rights to those in permanent work. This would include eligibility […]

Philip Landau speaks on BBC Radio London

Philip Landau was speaking to Eddie Nestor on BBC Radio London today in relation to a report which has been published that shows on average, we all work an extra 36 days a year overtime. The discussion also related to your rights to refuse to work overtime. Please click here for the full story.   […]

Philip Landau speaking to Eamonn Holmes on Talk Radio

Philip Landau was speaking to Eammon Holmes today on Talk Radio in relation to workers rights after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Pilmlico Plumbers. The landmark decision by the Supreme Court follows a string of other cases, including those brought by Uber drivers, and means that many categories of people who are classified […]

Philip Landau on LBC News Radio today

Philip Landau was speaking to presenter Clive Bull on LBC News Radio today. This was in relation to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech, in which he stated he would like to change the law so that all staff in the hospitality trade retained 100% of their gratuities. Philip was discussing the employment lw aspects of this. Please […]