Free employment law advice

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Free employment law advice

As specialist employment solicitors, we fully realise work related issues are often fast moving- and rapid advice is therefore necessary.

We are pleased to offer initial free employment law advice on your employment enquiry, wherever you are based in the UK. Indeed, we frequently receive enquiries from all the major cities in the UK such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool in addition to London where we are based in the City. The initial advice will cover the assessment of your case, usually by phone or email. There are a number of ways of doing this:-

  • complete the contact form below to submit your enquiry;
  • complete and return the full EMPLOYMENT QUESTIONNAIRE where you can also upload documents. This should be preferably be completed where you wish us to consider your case in more detail.

You will receive an immediate acknowledgement that your email has been received.

Where your enquiry is in writing, and you wish to take advantage of this initial free assessment of your case, please keep your enquiry as concise as possible.

If you are sending a lot of detailed information and/or your case/query is sufficiently complex, we may not always be able to include this within the free initial consultation. This is in our absolute discretion, and we will let you know in advance if this is the case. We will then give you the option of a nominal agreed (fixed) charge for us to consider your case/query and to provide initial advice on the same.

In periods of extreme high volume in our providing free initial consultations, we may not always be able to offer this service, but we will let you know if this is the case.

Remember, we don’t need to see you as long as you are contactable on the phone and on email. We are, however, always happy to see you at our offices if you wish.

Please note that you usually need to have been working with your present employer for no less than 23 months and 3 weeks (and not already been served with notice expiring before 2 years employment), to be eligible to make a claim for unfair dismissal. There are only a few exceptions to this, such as where the dismissal is for an automatically unfair reason or where  there has been discrimination. Please click here to access the unfair dismissal page for further information. 


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