Philip Landau

Philip Landau quoted in the Daily Mail today

Philip Landau was quoted today in the Daily Mail today, in relation to the an advertised role for a BBC trainee journalist that only requested applicants from ethnic minorities. Philip was commenting that the advertisement was unlawful under the Equality Act as it amounted to positive discrimination. Please click here to access the quotes and […]

Philip Landau on LBC talking about NDA’s in employment

Philip Landau was talking to Ian Payne today on LBC News Radio this afternoon about the Governments expected announcement tomorrow to introduce new laws banning certain types of non-disclosure agreements (“NDA’s) in employment settlement agreements. This would apply where the clauses are seeking to stop employees reporting allegations of unlawful harassment and discrimination to the […]

We are interviewed on Talk Radio today

Philip Landau appeared on Talk Radio this morning, to discuss the report of an 88 year old being the oldest person ever to win an employment tribunal claim for age discrimination. Please click here for the full story. Please click here to access the age discrimination page.

Philip Landau on Talk Radio today

Philip Landau was on Talk Radio today talking about the Government’s proposed introduction of tighter rules against employers in the support  of employees suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace. Please click here to access the Government’s new proposals.

We are quoted today on the BBC News website

We are quoted today on the BBC business news website. Our expert comments are in relation to a number of staff at fashion firm Ted Baker, who have signed a petition complaining about the company’s founder and chief executive Ray Kelvin. Mr Kelvin is being accused of forcing workers to hug him. Please click here to […]