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Philip Landau on Times Radio today

Philip Landau was a guest on Times Radio today (partly owned by the Times Newspaper) to talk about the employment law aspect of going back to work, and in particular your rights if you refuse to do so. The programme was hosted by Ayesha Hazarika. Lord Bilimoria, the president of the CBI, was also a […]

Philip Landau on Talk Radio about the CEO of McDonald’s

Philip Landau was invited to speak to Julia Hartley- Brewer today on Talk Radio  today about McDonald’s who fired its CEO Steve Easterbrook last year, after finding he had a consensual relationship with an employee. McDonald’s now says further investigation found the British executive had three additional relationships with staff, about which he lied to […]


Coronavirus and your employment rights

Please click here to access our page on Furlough leave (the job retention scheme) Please click here to go to our directory on your full employment law rights Free consultation Coronavirus and your employment rights UPDATED 25th MARCH 2020 As the number of Coronavirus cases in the UK increases, it raises a number of issues […]